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Facebook is finally redesigning the ‘like’ button it seems…

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Animal Photography…

So as you saw on my last post I have experimented in doing portraiture photography by one of my favourite photographers, Lee Jeffries. But portraiture photography isn’t the only subject area I am interested in, but have also taken photographs of my pets.

I have two dogs and two guinea pigs, who definitely aren’t camera shy. I have used my studio at home and my studio lights to be able to take interesting, yet professional looking shots of the animals. The reason why I decided to do something a bit different is because I want to be able to experiment in different areas to add to my portfolio, plus, the photos have turned out a result!

Like I do with my portraiture photography, I also edit these photographs in photoshop CS5. They don’t need much editing, but I do like to have my work up to a certain standard. Please browse through the examples of my work I have in this post and be sure to check out next weeks post to see what other types of photography I do, stayed tuned!

The photographs are in a gallery, so please click to see them!

Lee Jeffries related photography work

I mentioned in my first blog post I produced that at A level I took a look into ‘generation photography’ which I then took further to develop my own work. The key photographer I actually looked at was called Lee Jeffries. While doing my research into portraiture and generations I came across his work and found it amazing.

What Lee Jeffries main work consists of is a project called ‘Homeless’. The majority of his photographs are dark, black and white and use a small depth of field to capture every detail. His work really inspired me and what I found the most interesting part was he looked at an older generation, which I hadn’t seen much photography on before.

an example of Lee Jeffries' work.

an example of Lee Jeffries’ work.

After more research I decided to do some shots myself but used a younger person in the photographs. I really enjoyed doing this shoot and here is an example of the outcome of my work:


Here is my example. I took lots of time in editing the photographs I took and tried to keep them similar to what Lee Jeffries had done with his work, as his work was so inspiring. I really reccommend you take a look at Lee Jeffries work which can be found on his website at: http://leejeffries.500px.com/

Thanks for reading!

My first post!

Hello! And welcome to my blog. My blog is about my interest in photography and how I use photoshop CS5 to manipulate my work. I’ve been interested in photography since I was about sixteen and took my interest further to study it at A level. I did four units at A level all consisting of different projects such as environment, encounters, outside and so forth.

I also did some research on a photographer called Lee Jeffries. I really enjoyed his work and also did some of my own which I will be doing a sperate post on.

Here is a link to his site: http://leejeffries.500px.com/

I learnt how to use photoshop which I enjoyed and am still developing my skills futher. I shall be uploading my work shortly, enjoy!