Animal Photography…

So as you saw on my last post I have experimented in doing portraiture photography by one of my favourite photographers, Lee Jeffries. But portraiture photography isn’t the only subject area I am interested in, but have also taken photographs of my pets.

I have two dogs and two guinea pigs, who definitely aren’t camera shy. I have used my studio at home and my studio lights to be able to take interesting, yet professional looking shots of the animals. The reason why I decided to do something a bit different is because I want to be able to experiment in different areas to add to my portfolio, plus, the photos have turned out a result!

Like I do with my portraiture photography, I also edit these photographs in photoshop CS5. They don’t need much editing, but I do like to have my work up to a certain standard. Please browse through the examples of my work I have in this post and be sure to check out next weeks post to see what other types of photography I do, stayed tuned!

The photographs are in a gallery, so please click to see them!


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